Media: #MyWeirdWaiter

In zijn talkshow ‘Late Night’ ┬áriep Jimmy Fallon zijn kijkers op hun ervaringen met vreemde obers te delen op Twitter. Massaal werd er gebruik gemaakt van de hashtag #myweirdwaiter. De meest opvallende tweets las Fallon voor. De leukste en gekste tweets kan je hieronder lezen. Enjoy!

‘We asked our waitress what she recommended and she pointed to the restaurant across the street’.

‘Direct quote: “Can you tip me in cash, bro? I think I’m getting fired in about 20 minutes’.

‘My date asked: “What’s tiramisu?” The waitress hesitated and said, “Well, it’s…” then looked at me and said, “Do you know?”

‘I had a waiter tell me that it couldn’t possibly be a hair in my salad because the guy that tosses the salads is bald.’

‘My friend asked, “Can I order off the kids menu?” Our waiter said, “if you call me daddy.”

I told my waiter my potato was bad. He picked it up, said, “Bad potato,” and said “If it gives you any more trouble, tell me.”




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